FEROZIT WIND ENERGY сompany is a part of the modern world community, and therefore, it is obliged to play a significant role in the achievement of social goals. Our company strives to adhere to the modern principles of sustainable development and preservation of the environment, which today are among the main tasks of the society. We maintain high standards of quality, pay much attention to the protection of the environment and try to comply with modern social norms in everything. In addition, we actively cooperate with foreign investors in order to provide international connections and ways to exchange experiences in the renewable energy domain.

In the current conditions of depletion and inflation of traditional sources of energy, renewable energy is becoming one of the most promising areas. It is absolutely safe for the environment and can meet all the major needs of the community. That is why one can safely say that it is the future, because renewable energy fully complies with the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection.

In addition, our social responsibility lies in working closely with all stakeholders – our actual and potential clients, investors, employees, and more. We aim to establish relationships with leading foreign industry experts, meet the needs of communities, identify the ways for the further development of their energetic domain, and ultimately provide our customers with quality and environmentally friendly energy sources that will contribute to the sustainable and harmonious development of society and the environment.